Remote Monitoring

Managed Services are delivered via a fixed monthly cost based on the size of your team. This allows you to control costs and have a greater certainty in cash flow with unexpected bills. Proactive maintenance means that your technology never misses a beat when it is needed most. Included in the package is security patch management and Antivirus which means that the security of your systems is always optimal and you are always protected.




24×7 Systemised Support

Our network monitoring service provides peace of mind that your business-critical IT systems are running to optimum efficiency. Intelligent software proactively tests your systems and can foresee problems before they arise. Support is no longer reactive but proactive and our 24/7 alert systems means that there are no nasty surprises first thing on Monday morning! Our team will ensure that issues are resolved without a disturbance to your operations. Our sophisticated remote monitoring platform can oversee a wide range of technologies, including server and storage platforms, operating systems, networking and security infrastructures.



Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We provide a replicated fail-over for your in-house key systems or entire data centre, enabling you to rapidly restore your business data. Surprisingly simple, our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions are easily tested, cost-effective and scalable as your business grows. Partnering with Datto, our cloud-based disaster recovery solution allows you to replicate data and system images from one or more servers into a virtual server within the Datto cloud. From here, you can restore entire servers, individual files, or even virtual machines to resume normal operations as quickly as possible.